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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Pass & ID provides portal to base access

By Cpl. Isaac Pacheco | | August 25, 2005

With terrorism an ever-present concern in the post-9/11 world, many bases throughout the military have had to reinforce their existing security while still providing access to authorized personnel.  A group of Marines and civilians are helping to accomplish that mission by making sure that access to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany stays secure.  The Pass & I.D. office located, outside the front gate here, provides many services including vehicle and weapon registration, identification cards, and family member registration.  Because they provide so many essential services Pass & I.D. is the first (and often last) stop for most service members and civilian employees here.

"Without us, no one could get on base.  We pretty much control entry for everyone who comes aboard," said Sgt. Joshua Jones, non commissioned officer in charge, Pass & I.D.

Jones, who is one of three Provost Marshal's Office Marines working in the section, say their services help ensure the safety of base residents and employees by limiting access to only people with verifiable backgrounds.

"All contractors working aboard the base go through Pass & I.D. and we forward their information up to PMO for background checks.  If everything is good we issue them a temporary identification card for the duration of their project," said Jones.

Pass & I.D. also handles the Dependant Eligibility Enrollment System. According to Jones, this system makes it possible for military dependants to receive medical benefits from Tricare, and allows them to utilize base services like the exchange and commissary.

"The Dependant Eligibility Enrollment System is used to keep track of service members' spouses and children," said Terry Peterson, clerk, Pass & I.D. "Servicemembers registering a spouse need to bring their marriage and birth certificates, the spouse's social security card and photo identification card."

Pass and I.D. employees suggest that servicemembers call ahead before coming in to register their children in DEERS as the paperwork required often varies.

"Sometimes the line in here can get pretty long, because it takes about 15 minutes per person.  We encourage people to call ahead with questions they have about what documents they need for their particular situation.  It will save them the headache of coming in here a waiting in line and then finding out that they're missing something important," said Cpl. Tucker McConner, clerk, Pass & I.D.