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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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MCLB, City of Albany firefighters hold joint training

By Pfc. Nicholas Tremblay | | July 12, 2001

Smoke is bellowing out of a small two-story building and flames are shooting out the windows. The heat coming from the blaze is hot enough to melt the soles on a pair of boots. Whose house is it? Are people inside?

No victims are inside this burning building. It is only the, 'burn house' located on base for firefighters' training.

A fire is set inside the concrete building with hay and wooden pallets, or all windows and doors are closed and a barrel of hay is set on fire underneath a vent that leads into the building, creating a hot and smoky environment.

The Albany Fire Department conducts training on base because they do not have proper facilities. Eighteen new AFD firefighters were brought to the base to experience being inside a burning building.

They were taught how to properly enter a building that is on fire, and how to successfully move around in a dangerous environment without being injured.

The new firefighters were supervised by a team of experienced AFD personnel, who critiqued how well the 'new guys' performed, said Wesley D. Wells, Albany firefighter. The veteran firemen also assisted and taught the trainees different techniques for fighting fires.

There were also base firefighters on hand to ensure AFD personnel safety. They gave the trainees tips on staying safe while inside burning buildings.

Capt. Jim Snyder, of the base fire department, said it was important that the Base Fire Department and the AFD work together so they know how each other operates during different situations. It is vital in case they have to put out a huge fire on or off base.