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2000-01 Intramural Softball to halfway point

By Pfc. Nicholas Tremblay | | June 28, 2001

An outfielder wipes sweat from his brow as he squints, trying to block out the sun's bright light. The pitcher leans forward and hurls the ball towards home plate. A bat connects with the ball as the batter steps into the pitch sending a metal ringing sound through the air.

The league is free for all active duty Marines, regardless of rank, and for all Department of Defense civilian employees that work on base.

Headquarters Marine Corps gives MCCS funding every year to run recreation programs for active duty Marines. Softballs, bats, and bases are provided by MCCS.

The 2000-01 MCLB Intramural Softball season is split in half. The first half of the season started the first week in May and ends today. The second half of the season will start July 9 and end the second week in August. 

"I always end the first half of the season before July 4 to give the players a week of, so people can go on leave," said Paul T. Nixon, the base athletic director. "Before we start the second half, I restructure the schedule to ensure that teams with the same caliber of play are against each other."

Seven teams in the league play Monday-Wednesday evenings. Three games are played every league night. The first game starts at 5:30 p.m., but can start 15 minutes late if one or both of the teams need to wait for all of their players to show up. The second and third games start approximately one hour and 10 minutes after the previous game.

"We allow the first game to be delayed up to 15 minutes because some players don't get out of work until 5 or 5:30 p.m.," said Nixon.

At the end of the softball season trophies are presented to the members of the team with the best win/lose game record and also to the players of the second place team. If two teams tie for first place there will be a one-game playoff to determine who is first. Also, certificates are given to all players who participate in the league.

"The league is a great opportunity for work sections to build unit cohesion and comradarie," said Pfc. Luis E. Flores, process handler clerk.

"It's good for Marines to get to know each other outside of work so that way when they are working, the workplace is more enjoyable," he said.

The next sport that MCCS will make available for Marines to play is summer basketball. Also tackle football season will begin in the fall. For any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the intramural softball league or any other league on base call Nixon at 639-5246.