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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Conserve energy, save DoD money

By Sgt. Christina Lovett | | March 22, 2001

Energy efficiency is a base responsibility, according to the base energy manager here.

Keith Byrd, who is responsible for finding solutions to energy consumption issues here, conducted two audits of energy use on base, determining opportunities for improvement with energy consumption.

?We have plenty of opportunities to improve on energy efficiency here,? he said.

?Energy consumption audits give us information on where the opportunities are to install new, improved or more efficient equipment, which may be new lighting systems, more efficient heating and cooling systems, and improved methods for determining when maintenance may be required,? said Byrd.

The most recent audits led to the renovation of Bldg. 1360 and lighting replacements in the Maintenance Center.

Along with base audits, Byrd monitors building meters monthly to calculate base energy consumption.

?If I see that one of the meters is substantially higher than previous readings for that meter, we look to see what is wrong, and how we may correct it,? Byrd said.

Byrd offers suggestions to base employees to help reduce energy costs.

?If you are going to leave your work area for an extended period of time, turn off your light, if possible,? he said. ?Turn off photocopiers, printers, computers and monitors, and other office equipment at night and on weekends,? he suggested.

According to Byrd, the Department of the Navy can avoid $3,800,000 a year in electricity costs when 100,000 personnel turn off their computers at night and on weekends.                                                            

Along with dollar savings, energy conservation delivers other benefits, said Byrd, to include reduced pollutant emissions, and in some cases, increased productivity.

For more information on energy consumption tips, call Byrd at 639-7118.