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Young leaders tackle course

By Sgt. Joshua Bozeman | | February 6, 2003

The Corporals Course Class 02-03 graduation ceremony was held Friday at the Base Theater, marking the end of weeks of intense leadership training for 17 students.

The cadre of students took part in a variety of classes designed to make them better leaders by increasing their knowledge and understanding of Marine Corps practices and traditions.

Their training included several uniform inspections, various tests on Marine Corps history and general information, martial arts training, a physical fitness test, drill movements and even a book report.

Gunnery Sgt. Kevin Fields, MCLB Albany Marine Band member, was the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony, which seemed fitting considering 16 of the graduates were band members. The 17th student was from the Special Training Allowance Pool here.

"You've all taken a very important step in becoming a good leader by taking this course," said Fields.

Fields kept his speech short and concise. He encouraged the graduates to continue seeking opportunities to learn. He told them it was important to remember that regardless of their job titles, whether a grunt or an administrative clerk, they are Marines first, and should treat others, and expect to be treated like Marines.

Fields also warned the graduates not to be resentful of discipline, but to use any mistake as another opportunity to learn and improve their leadership skills.

The average grade point average for the class was 95, with the lowest being 92.5. The top three students had less than a one-point differential in their final GPAs.

Cpl. Cassie Groff, MCLB Albany Band member, was the honor graduate. She finished with a 98.64 GPA.

According to Groff, going through the course with the other band members was highly competitive, but also helped her stay focused.

"Because we were all friends coming into this, we were able to help each other out," said Groff.

Cpl. Curtis Dubke, MCLB Albany Band member, had the highest score on the physical fitness test, which included pull-ups, sit-ups and a 3-mile run.

He scored 300 points out of a possible 300. Dubke also received the motivation award for the class.

The graduates of Corporal Course 02-03 were Groff, Dubke, Cpls. Kara Myers, Micheil Burgos, Anthony Dangler, Jordan Eubanks, Rebecca Gilbert, Jeremy Glover, Robert Grogan, Tyrone Hamlette, Michael Hollingsworth, Allen Keller, Ann Moore, Steve Perez, Tanya Santana, Natalie Villani and Lance Cpl. Ned Nobles.