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Summer Hire Program offers students work

By Cpl. Denyelle D. D'Aveta | | June 17, 2004

Recently, 26 local high school and college students were hired to work aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany as part of the annual Summer Hire Program.

"This program has been around for many years," said Jim Fleming, supervisor and Human Resource specialist for Staffing and Classification Advisory. "It not only gives students an opportunity to make extra money, but it also gives them employment experience."

The Summer Hire Program is designed to give students a chance to experience life in the workplace during the summer months when most employees take a leave for a couple of weeks. So, it not only gives employees the chance to take some time off, but it also gives employers the chance to fill those positions.

The students are filling jobs all throughout the base as office aids and laborers until September.  Before the students are hired, however, several steps are taken.

First, work sections must notify the Human Resource Office here if there are any positions they need filled.

This year, 516 applications were received, however only 26 jobs were available. The applications were randomly selected and narrowed down to the amount of available job spaces.
Once HRO has received all requests for jobs, the requests are then reviewed to match the selected students with jobs that might compliment a future career.

"The applications are screened, and we try to match them with a job closest to what they are studying," Fleming said. "This will give them experience in their area of study. The only problem with that is many of the students only have classroom experience. If that is their situation, then they are put into clerical or administrative positions."

After the application process, students are notified and they begin their new jobs. The new employees work fulltime until September and are paid in accordance with the level or their new job.

Most of the jobs are classified as Government Service 1 or 2, also referred to as "GS-level" positions.

"I have loved working here," said Nicole Davis, a Dougherty High School senior and office aide at the Command Control Communications and Computers Office here. "It has been a good opportunity for me to learn."

Davis, who plans to become a medical assistant, is excited about her opportunity to work here.

"The position I am in entails a lot of clerical work," Davis said. "It is good experience for me because that is what a medical assistant primarily does."

Supervisors and section heads also benefit from the students working in their offices.

"I think the Summer Hire Program is an incredible opportunity for students," said Glenda Hanson, C4 programs and procurement branch chief.  "Since our summer hire has been here, she has helped organize our office and helped us get caught up on some of our work.  She has been a great asset to our office."

Although hiring for this year's summer hires has ended, other students are encouraged to apply next year.

"I would definitely recommend this program to students," Davis said. "It is a good opportunity to learn and get paid."

Although students have only been working about two weeks, they have already reaped the benefits and the rewards that many students in the past have attained from this experience.

"The program encourages development of necessary skills for the future," Fleming said.

"It gives students the opportunity to gather necessary tools to be successful when they are ready to contribute to the workforce," she explained.