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Communication Strategy and Operations
Mission Statement

The mission of the Communication Strategy & Operations Office (formerly Public Affairs) is to be the commander’s voice to a wide range of audiences. This is done by communicating command information rapidly and accurately, being proactive and responsive to external media requests, and by developing MCLB Albany’s relationship with the Albany community. COMMSTRAT operates under the Department of Defense’s policy of “Maximum Disclosure, Minimum Delay.”

Internal Communication

COMMSTRAT is committed to communicating command information quickly and accurately to members of MCLB Albany and tenants. The internal audience includes active-duty and reserve military members, Department of the Navy employees, retirees and the families of all those groups. Internal communication establishes, maintains and employs two-way communication channels between command leaders and command members.

External Communication

A core public affairs mission for all commands is to provide a timely, accurate and truthful flow of information.  COMMSTRAT is committed to being proactive with and responsive to all members of local, state, and national media.

Community Relations

Community outreach is an important contributor to achieving the mission. COMMSTRAT is committed to developing and enhancing relationships with the surrounding communities, specifically, the city of Albany & Dougherty County.

MCLB Albany welcomes requests for support from the local community. In order to make a request to MCLB Albany for support, please contact our Community, Plans and Liaison Officer by email (at least 60 days in advance) at pamela.jackson@usmc.mil or call (229) 639-7313.